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Why is a one to one lesson right for you?

Choose one to one lessons to provide you with personalised information that you can implement, let our PGA Professionals guide you to achieve your goals.

Personalised Coaching

We coach the individual. You will have movement patterns unique to you and we take this into account when teaching you to play golf

Flexible Programmes

Our programmes allow for flexible use of our time together. Your coach will advise on when you need a range session and when it may be better to take time out on the course.

Video & Technology

We use video analysis and technology to aid our coaching process and provide you with feedback that you can take away and reflect on to make sure your improvements stick!

Lesson Feedback

Recieve feedback after each lesson to make sure that your improvements stick and you’re able to achieve your golfing goals.

Measure improvement

Follow our scoring system to measure your improvements and build confidence in your abilities.

Support & Guidance

We are here to support you every step of the way, regular contact with your coach is imperative to making improvements and will aid you in taking the next steps in your golfing journey.

Expert PGA Coaches

All our coaches are fully qualified PGA Coaches, with years of experience in developing players just like you. Learn more about our success stories below.

How do one to one lessons work?

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