Inform buddies the reality about their bad relationships

Inform buddies the reality about their bad relationships

Handsome son in a coffee home enclosed by pretty ladies (picture: Scott Griessel)

Dear Carolyn:

I am a 33-year-old widowed man, a good listener, client, and I also empathize well. Recently, i’ve become a magnet for feminine buddies with relationship problems. Two split ladies, in both long-lasting relationships, have actually explained all about their dilemmas. Yesterday my take is that both boyfriends are controlling, and I told them they need to get out of these relationships, like. They both give me personally the, “Yeah, but … ” story, and I roll my eyes. Both tales come back around to where both women can be afraid they shall never ever find other people “as good.”

This can be additionally where it got embarrassing. Both really stated it could be an easy task to get free from their relationship they could be with me if they knew.

Regrettably, that does not attention me personally.

Exactly what do i really do to assist these ladies get free from their bad circumstances? Most likely nothing, right? Read more